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The trajectory of Bárbara Paz, actress, filmmaker and visual artist, has a singular and fundamental character in the multiplicity of the encounter of the arts. After traveling the world with her first documentary and bringing numerous awards in addition to a Golden Lion for Brazil at the 2019 Venice International Festival. Bárbara continues in her unsettling search, moving between the popular and the profound, whether in theater, cinema or in the visual arts. Now offering his body as a subject in this exhibition. In a very peculiar cut through its marks. Chapters of his life and trajectory that run through Peter Handke's text - Self-Accusation.

Through This Self, by Peter Handke, Bárbara builds her imagination through her brands and her Selves.

Self - Prosecution

Text by Cassiana Der Haroutiounian

Bárbara and her collective of individuals, torn open, inside out. What are the boundaries demarcated by each individual in their being in the world?

What events cross us, mark us, make us bleed until these borders dissolve and everything becomes a single territory?

Your body, your face and every piece of your most absolute being as a political territory: everything happens and is communicated. A body that impresses on the force constant tearing.

A body that imprints deep tearing inside.

It is necessary to disarm the fragments of worlds among themselves and within themselves for the boiling to happen and allow this dialogue between body, earth and soul.

You need to get close, look closely at the pores and sew with invisible lines. It needs to heal – or not.

One choice overlapped by another in a powerful and heartbreaking plurality.

Some close completely, others insist

in opening every now and then, reminding us even more that they exist.

One choice overlapped by another in a powerful and heartbreaking plurality.

Some close completely, others insist on opening every now and then, reminding us even more that they exist.

A gaping wound with a scab that never goes away. They have scars that tear, that expose dark pieces of what was.

They go through multiple layers of skin and leave us raw.

Even in the form of a scar, history continues to flow. They continue to reveal the past.

A scar is always a past and a present. Even though it still pulses internally, it was and is.

We carry it with us. The landscape carries with it. Each has its beginning, middle and end.

There is a difference between being and having been. And take ownership of your own history. And she does this every day, in every field of art in which she works.

They are not disconnected “selves” that inhabit performance, the camera, the voice, the moving image, photography. The crying came from the actress,

the pain and the guts, for the real me. An intermittent crossing.

There's Bárbara in the flesh here.

Without the fantasy of the mask and with the truth of your scars. Printed on your body. Printed in your happenings.

In each of the works - installations, photographs, videos and words - exposed in her first solo exhibition “Self-accusation”, the fear of being Barbara

it is moving.

While transmuting, your memories activate. From other worlds, with other creatures. As he bleeds, his memories linger. As he tears, glass dust runs through his bloodstream.

A trace of skin on the skin itself. Narratives about a body. Tears that multiply, transform, proliferate and tear again.

They cry, they sob, they pulse. Memories embedded in the skin. at home. in the landscape. Death. End. Grief. To be born. Start. Party.

A new layer forms.

The beginning is the singular. We are born and die in the absolute self. Traveling across the earth in a world that does not reverberate is frightening.

But yes, inhabiting this self in pain, trauma and guts requires courage. A personal story told through images is in danger. At age 17, his face split in two. A slit of skin went through his self. Her scar made her plunge into imperfection. 434 points in an attempt to hide from the mirror and from others.

For years he avoided the most beautiful thing on his skin. For years, his truth was masked.


“I remade myself as I did; I managed to disguise myself, hide. said the scar.

““A thread held my halves. A nerve held my parts. I decided not to remove this brand. Who am I? I was scared of myself without her. A broken vase.   Barbara Paz

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Font Gallery finished

I enter M. Arte Hélio Oiticica finished

Lucas Nogueira Garcez Pavilion (OCA) completed

Appleton   opening 08.05 - 18h | 08.05 > 16.0 5. 2 024

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