Curta na Estrada (Short films on the road)
A spin-off of the show Curta São Paulo (São Paulo Short Films). The show was originally aired in 2009 by the channel, and showed short films to the viewers. Synopsys: Short Films on the Road will be hosted by actress Bárbara Paz, that, with Rafael Primot, produced the short films that will be shown. Altogether, the show will have 13 episodes, telling stories of a variety of themes. The show’s team preferred to choose short films that show different regions from Brazil, through unusual perspectives. The innovations on the characters, in the stories, or even the art, are very welcome in the productions of the Short Films on the Road. The authors will fascinate the viewers and also present new experiences.
A Arte do Encontro (The Art of Encounter)

Canal Brasil – 2016 e 2017
Bárbara Paz chats with big names from Brazil’s artistic scene, such as actors, musicians and dramaturges.
A Regra do Jogo (The Rules of the Game) - 2015
Amor a Vida (Trail of Lies) - 2013/2014
Morde e Assopra (Dinosaurs and Robots) - 2011
Viver a Vida (Seize the Day) - 2009/2010
Maria Esperança - 2007 - Protagonist - SBT
Cristal - Character: Inocência - SBT - 2006
Marisol - Protagonist - SBT - 2002
Malhação (Young Hearts) - 2017
Dupla identidade (Double Identity)
O Caçador (The Huntsman) - Globo
As Cariocas (From Rio) - Character: Denise, 2010
Força Tarefa (Task Force) - Globo
Retrato Falado (Spoken Portrait) - Globo
A Diarista (The Day Laborer) - Globo
MTV Al Dente - MTV
Sandy e Junior - Globo
Megatom - Globo
Turma do Didi (Didi’s Gang) – Globo