by Lolita Pelle - Directed by: Hector Babenco

A sincere and devastating portrayal of Parisian rich and communist youth, that fill their lives with parties and designer clothes. The play’s action focuses on the tragic love story lived by the protagonist, Hell and Andrea – a young man as rich and lonely as her.

Hell could take place at any city in the world, because it talks about the value and behaviors of a society that, not finding the limits for pleasure, lives the anguishing emptiness caused by its excesses. She has a credit card instead of a brain, and a vacuum cleaner instead of a nose. And in the place of her heart, emptiness. She refuses to assume the role of the poor rich girl. All the dreams that money can buy are available to her. She makes love without love and sums up her life like this: “If the rich aren’t happy, it’s because happiness doesn’t exist”. “At the age of 14 I went into a nightclub and never left. What was I to do with my Gucci wardrobe?”