PORTUGUESEMadame de Sade
by Mishina - Directed by: Roberto Lage

In three different moments of their lives - the autumn of 1772, the end of 1778’s summer, and 1790’s spring – six women (three historical, and three fictional) meet at Madame de Montreuil’s house hall, in Paris:

-Renée, or Madame de Sade, who incarnates marital fidelity -Madame de Montreuil, Renée’s mother, that represents law, society, and moral -Madame de Simiane, who symbolizes religion -Madame de Saint-Font, the desires of the flesh -Anne, Renée’s younger sister, who is the embodiment of feminine candor mixed with the lack of principles -Charlotte, the maid, who represents the people

Through these female characters, the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (1925-1970) investigates historical events from the life of the French aristocrat, Marquês de Sade, renowned in the 18th century for his pornographic writing, his sadistic sexual life, and amoral political positions.

Cast: Bárbara Paz
Imara Reis
Jerusa Franco
Tânia Castelo
Denise Cecchi
Maria do Carmo Soares