PORTUGUESEArsenic and Lavender
by Joseph Kesselring - Directed by: Alexandre Reinecke

A success on Broadway at the end of the 30s and the beginning of the 40s, Arsenic and Lavender was adapted to the movies by the American film director Frank Capra, in 1945, with Cary Grant and Peter Lore in the cast.
The play takes place at Abby (Denise Weinberg) and Martha Brewster’s (Ana Lúcia Torre) house, two lovable and naïve old ladies, that lure lonely old men into their house by putting up ads about rooms for rent, then they poison them so they don’t suffer with their solitude anymore. Abby and Martha live with their nephew Teddy (Flávio Faustinoni), that believes he’s president Roosevelt. The young man helps his aunts bury the “gentlemen” killed at their basement, where he believes the floodgates for the Panama Canal are located. The mess gets worse when Mortimer (Paulo Coronato), Teddy’s brother, who’s a theater critic, arrives with Elaine (Bárbara Paz), the neighbor, to announce his wedding, and finds out about the murders. In the meanwhile, Johnatan (Renato Caldas), the third brother, a murderer wanted by the police, seeks refuge at his aunts’ house, bringing along with him a body and his faithful squire, Dr. Einstein (Ary França), an unscrupulous plastic surgeon, that transforms his face after each new crime.

This time, Johnatan’s looking like Frankenstein, which increases his despair and bad mood. To make things worse, O’Hara (Henrique Stroeter) shows up, a messy police sergeant that wants to become a dramaturge and yearns for Mortimer’s help, the famous critic that hates the theater.